Emanating His Eminence



Emerging from my slumber, and after an invigorating hot shower and shave, I’ve sat at my computer early this morning, pondering today’s word, “radiate.”  Going through my normal routine and practices of inspiration for writing, I stumbled over this image.  Right about now, I’m not necessarily feeling all that energetic.  However, as I examine my activities for yesterday’s article, and how it began with a thought, was energized and amplified by my emotions, the momentum carried through in writing the article.  Which happens regularly for me during these morning meditations.  If you missed yesterday, click here.

Everything is energy beginning with thought.  If this is true, then don’t the words of Scripture just leap right out of these words and into your minds?  Let me help you.

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

When I’m caught up in the truth of who God is, [He is LORD], and think on all His attributes [see verse above], I’m often overcome with emotion.  Some have called this weakness, or not very manly.  I was often looked on with condescension in Seminary by those who took a more stoic approach to interpreting scripture, or preaching the grace of God.  I just didn’t get that.  I couldn’t understand how someone in the face of it all, could be so emotionless about the eminence and grace of God.  I found myself smiling and the simple phrase came back to me: “God is good all the time.  And all the time God is good!”  These words can fuel a person’s energy in unlimited ways, because with this truth nothing can stop His goodness.

The Lord Jesus Christ is excellent and praiseworthy!  He is true (truth itself – His claim), noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable.  So, here’s the thing…  where is the glory of his eminence today?

What is going on with those of us who call ourselves Christians, that the world is not compelled to come to this same experience?  Is the power of the god of this world, Satan, so strong that he is capable of holding back the forces which Jesus said even the gates of hell couldn’t prevent? (Matthew 16:18)  Perhaps the problem is as simple as the interpretation of this one verse.  Some churches and some preachers have the interpretive mentality that the church is a fortress, and there should be gates to keep the heinous out, to protect the innocent (saved) inside.  They see the verse saying the church is being attacked and standing strong against an evil army.  While the fact of it may be true, this verse isn’t saying that.

However, this interpretation is the very antithesis of what Jesus meant.  We are the army, and we should be on the front-lines of the battle.  It is the very core meaning of the last instructions Jesus gave His followers:  go make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).  Actually in the original language it says, “As you are going…make disciples” which means every single day of the rest of your life, the job is to emanate His eminence.  The energy placed inside of you at salvation, fueled by emotion (dedication), and amplified into action, gains momentum as you seek to think daily on God’s attributes and Lordship. This energy should transform you into a beacon of hope to a lost and dying world. (Matthew 5:16)

Doesn’t this sound like something worth pursuing?  Are you doing anything today?  If you are let me ask you, “why?”  Have you given any thought to the energy you will expend, and whether or not it might have eternal value?  Whatever you do today, I’m sure will be important, or you wouldn’t plan to be involved.  The question is…

While going and doing today, will you emanate His eminence?


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Through the Looking Glass

via Vivid

On days like today, I like to imagine I’m back in Breckenridge, Colorado.  It’s August and we’ve just arrived.  My first look up and out at the majesty of the mountains motivates me to try to capture the image.  However, raising my camera, I was accosted by something much closer to where I actually stood.  The beauty arrayed in the vivid colors of this flower pot became the metaphor for my whole life.


We do this don’t we?  We look way out there in the distance of life, planning our future, dreaming of what may come, or when we might reach a desired destination.  All the while life is happening all around us, bright, graphic, authentic, detailed, and picturesque.  We miss it if we don’t refocus our lens, and capture the now, instead of the distant “when.”

I remember a phrase I heard frequently growing up, “He’s so heavenly minded, he’s of no earthly good.”  It’s an easy trap, and I’ve been it’s victim all too often I fear.  Just as in our earthly lives we plan and prod along on a path to something desirable, at times it seems our spiritual lives are so caught up in “heaven someday soon” that living in the light and beauty of God’s presence right here, right now is totally out of focus.  The grass may indeed be greener over there, but what God want’s us to see in this moment, is the scintillating glow of the flower pot in front of us.

The very reason the disciples missed so much of the message Jesus tried to help them with was that their focus continually was on His establishment of an earthly kingdom.  They kept asking, “is it now?”  They fought over who would be the greatest in the Master’s court.  All the while, they missed the elegant and eloquent display of grandeur that is the glory of God in Christ.  In fact except that Jesus forced them to see it, they would have missed it completely.  So, Jesus arranges a road-trip up the high mountain where He is transfigured before them.  His face was shining like the sun.  His clothes were as translucent as light.  They saw him carrying on a dialogue with Moses and Elijah.  They would have missed it completely, if Jesus hadn’t insisted that they come. [Matthew 17:1-13]

Looking out my office window as I write these words, the sky is overcast, giving a dull and dreary outlook for a Sunday morning.  Closer still in my vision is my study Bible, with florescent tabs sticking out.  The vivid contrast of the bright tabs against the darkened hazy sky helps me focus.  I will not be forever bound to this office, looking out into a world filled with darkness.  One day I will rest in the heavenly places as a child of the King.  Until then, my job is to continue writing, and telling of God’s wonderful grace, and experience that grace myself every single day.  My job is to do what I can right here, right now, to bring God great glory with what is left of my time here on earth.   I don’t want to miss the flower pot here simply because I’m so caught up with how majestic and glorious it will be there.

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.  ~ Matthew 5:16


The Glittering Life

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The simple definition: to shine with a bright, shimmering, reflected light.  From sequins on a dress, to crystal that dances in the dark radiance of the moon, the origin of the shimmering light is neither the sequin or the crystal.  From a child’s artwork filled with glitter, to the ballroom dancer’s gown, the light shining brilliant and arresting is only reflected from these elements.

There are no sources of reflected light streaming in my office this morning.  It’s overcast, and although the sun is shining on the world, it isn’t in my little office, or out in my yard, or anywhere else I can see with the naked eye.  This doesn’t prove the sun isn’t shining, it just means I can’t see it through the filter of the clouds.  Life is like that sometimes.  I wouldn’t describe this as a dark day, nor would I say it’s gloomy, although that comes closer.  It just is what it is; overcast.

It’s as though The Creator just covered this part of my personal world with a curtain which allowed light to pass through and bring sight, but not beaming in full force, or being reflected off of every shiny surface.  My mind races with the symbolic inferences of my daily life.  Jesus said, [John 8:12] “”I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”  Then Matthew records another time when Jesus said, [Matthew 5:14] “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Jesus is The LIGHT, we are the glitter.  I know this because He also went on to say [Matthew 5:16]” Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  The Dr. Jim version of Jesus’ statement is: “Reflect My light through what you do in a way that God get’s the praise.”  We do this best when we comprehend, then live in the understanding, that we are not the original source of the light we reflect.  When God found us, we were a lump of coal.  When God delivers us from the darkness, we become multifaceted diamonds designed to reflect the Glory of God’s radiance.

So does your life glitter this way?  What about days when the sky is overcast, spiritually?  When you’ve had a late night, it’s a little difficult to get out of bed, it’s a Monday and all that work is still waiting for you?  When storm clouds roll in and it gets really dark, is there enough Son still shining into your life, that you glitter, shine and sparkle God’s love and light to everyone around?

According to Jesus, that’s why we’re here.