Pobody’s Nerfect

I’ve observed, lived through, and learned some valuable life lessons over the past couple of months. Life and Death have knocked on the door twice during this period and it was an eye-opener if there ever was one. My loving, gracious, beautiful wife lost both her parents in what can only be described as a bizarre look at the frailty of life.

Just one year ago, before the big “C-19”, on that Wednesday before Turkey-Day we were planning thanksgiving with her parents at their home in Lubbock, Texas. It went how many thanksgiving meals go… the turkey wasn’t quite unfrozen when it was cooked, so came out of the oven a little less done and just a tad rubbery. The conversation around the table was occasionally filled with the tension between parents and children derived from years of misunderstanding, miscommunication and borderline abuse. Yet, this time last year, these two people were perfectly healthy 87 year old adults.

On Monday, November 9, 2020, Eleanor “Skeet” McLain Brown took an afternoon nap. When she awoke, she was in the arms of Jesus.

Skeet was born to Jessie Marie and Thurston Vernon “TV” McLain on September 23, 1932. She was the middle daughter of three girls. Skeet attended Lubbock High School 1948-1950 where she was head cheerleader her senior year. In high school, she fell in love with the star athlete, Bobby Brown. She attended Texas Tech, he was at TCU, but he couldn’t live without her, so they married November 25, 1950 in Clovis, NM. Skeet was a homemaker and mother to Pamela and Gregory. Throughout their 70 years together, Skeet and Bob lived in El Paso, Wichita Falls, Ruidoso, and Lubbock at various times. However, Lubbock was their home, so Lubbock is where they chose as their final destination.

Playing bridge was Skeet’s passion and an easy way to meet new friends wherever she lived. She leaves behind many loving, forever friends who loved her as she loved them. My mother was a beautiful woman who taught me to never leave the house without eyebrows and lipstick.

As it was at the beginning of their lives together, never being apart from each other for very long; so, it was at the end of their journey. She only survived 19 days without her life partner.

Robert “Bobby” Brown passed away peacefully at home Wednesday, October 21,2020. Bob was born July 6, 1932 in San Angelo Texas to Malcolm and Mary T Burton. He attended Lubbock High School 1947-1950. On June 15, 2019, Bobby was very humbled and appreciative of being inducted into the 2019 class of LISD Athletics Hall of Honor for football and baseball 1947-50. He was a very talented athlete, earning all-state recognition in baseball and football. He played pro baseball for the Cleveland Indians minor league, until an injury ended his baseball career. 

Now, Bob and Skeet were loved by many people. They were probably equally disliked by just as many people. But, this is only because… they were PEOPLE. People make choices, and Bob and Skeet made choices. One of the things I discovered over the years, that captured me about Bob, was how he would just give things away. He gave away every golf club he ever owned, and he owned many. He gave away lawn equipment, household furnishings; well, you name it, if he didn’t need it, you could have it.

And, I’ve seen the pictures of Skeet when the was a young woman, raising a family, and I have to tell you, I know where my wife got her beauty. She was ever conscious to put herself forward in the most presentable manner.

Bob and Skeet Brown were two people loved each other for their whole life. They lived their lives together. They made plans, and lived never looking back. But they weren’t perfect. Nobody’s perfect. Or to my point “Pobody’s Nerfect.” You thought I couldn’t spell, right? No, it’s just an eye-catcher.

For me, the past couple of months was like I was looking back through the lens of my own life in many ways. I too, have made many choices that were perhaps good for me, and not so good for other folks. But they were my choices, and I owned them. I still own them. In the end, Bob and Skeet did too.

I was there, holding Bob’s hand when Jesus called him home. It was a dear and precious time to me, and one I won’t ever forget. And while Bob was anything but “perfect” during any moment of his 88 years on earth… today, in the arms of Jesus – Bob is perfect.

Pam and I were working a puzzle that afternoon on November 9th. That morning, when Pam had spoken to her mother, Skeet seemed vibrant, dressed and ready for the day of activities, which included a visit to her Dr. Then, later that day, Pam got “the” call that turned our world upside down again. Less than three weeks had gone by, and her mom simply took a nap and went to be with Bob once again. This beautiful imperfect woman is also now perfect, wrapped up in the arms of Jesus.

I put Skeet first in the narrative above, because for most of their life, it was all about Bob. And well, like Jesus said, at least for the purpose of this article, “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” It’s ok, I think Bob is smiling about it all now. In fact, I think he might just be saying, “well, Jim, in the end, I think you got it right.”

I’m thinking, Pobody’s Nerfect.