Acts 7:1-53 : Apologetics 101

In this lesson we see Stephen brilliantly defend the faith before the Sanhedrin.  The recording of the lesson, the outline to print out, and the take away handout links are all below.

Acts 7_1-53 Outline

Acts 7_1-53 Discussion Guide

Feel free to share these links with your friends who want to study the Book of Acts with you!

Acts Bible Study Resumes!!

Hello friends.  This past Sunday afternoon we resumed our study of the Acts of the Apostles.

The title of the study is: “Acts – the Unfinished work of Jesus”

The theme of the study is to see the LORDSHIP attributes of Jesus displayed in all the activities of the early 1st century church.

This week’s start was a little rough in the technology department.  The recorder was goofy again, but it could have been operator error for all I know.

That said, to receive the lesson simply click on the link below and read the notes I used to present the study.

This will at least allow you to be caught up and ready for next week’s lesson.

Thank you for your patience while I figure this out.

Lesson for Acts 6:8-15 …  August 8 2019

Acts 6_8-15 outline

Acts 6_8-15 takeaway handout