Inauguration Day 2017


Today my heart was filled with Joy to hear a unique man, at a unique time in our history, actually say the government belongs to the people of the United States.  I was encouraged by those chosen to read and pray, as each in their own way steered our thoughts back to the Creator, and in honor of His wisdom, prayed for His guidance for our New President, and our country.  I desire to encourage those who out of fear or anger would lash out in protest. The words of this President are either true or not.  The only way to know is observe what comes next.  Either congress will work with him to achieve great things for our country, or they won’t.  Either he will demonstrate sound and wise leadership, or he won’t.  But as our elected President, it isn’t within my power or the Trump haters to effect change regarding who is our leader.  He is.  That’s it. The picture above represents greatness.  The greatness of our county, our constitution, and our ability to be what Trump said he wants:  a shining light to all other nations.  May God bless the United States of America.