When I hear “bubble” all sorts of images flood into my head.  In no particular order or rank, I immediately think of “Double Bubble” chewing gum, “Bubble Fun” soap bubbles, the “bubble head” on a beer poured too fast, and those “bubble icons” used in cartoon strips.  Maybe my favorite is Charlie Brown and the bubble surrounding his  constant comment, “Oh good grief!”

Most recently, the word “bubble” might be useful to describe the maniacal ravings captured in a quip I saw on Facebook this morning.  The quote went like this:

The forest was shrinking, but it kept voting for the axe, because its handle was made of wood, and they thought it was one of them.”

And so goes the nay-sayers, haters, and blind who are still living in the bubble that Hillary should have won, and that Trump needs to be impeached.  This bubble is so hard to break out of, but somebody needs to do it besides Kanye West.  Don’t get me wrong, in a world filled with chaotic voices screaming at each other, it’s sometimes hard to hear the truth.  He’s done a good thing by breaking out of his bubble, and on TMZ this week, saying he was “free thinking” and that he had “slipped the bonds of black political conventions.”  (Full story here.)

Bubbles are interesting to study.   In my childhood days we would play “who can blow the biggest bubble” with our gum.  Some yAyhoo would blow a great big one, not being able to see the nose on his face, when one of his “so-called” friends would punch the bubble and all the gum residue would end up on the kids face.  Is this not a sign of our current political times? Hmmmm.

Soap bubbles are a great delight to children everywhere, including me.  (Sometimes I think I’m just a 64 year old kid).  Just dip the stick, put it to your lips and blow.  Out of this magic wand come these grand illusions of light flying lightly on the breeze, traveling up and out to worlds unknown.  It’s great fun, you should try it.

Now, here’s the thing.

There is more to this life, and to our world, than any one of us can see in our tiny bubble of existence.  I’m not just talking philosophically, I really mean it.  Sometimes folks are carried along on the wind of tradition and ritual, like so many soap bubbles, never realizing the changes happening all around them.  Then, when forced to consider the changes can be good, the bursting of those bubbles is so traumatic, they believe life as they know it is over.

One of these days, the whole world will come to understand that a larger plan and purpose has been at work in all of it.  Like Charlie Brown, to a person, all around the world, there is a day coming when there will be a great lament, “oh, good grief!”  Because in that moment the whole world will know their little bubble, was not the only bubble.  Like concentric circles (or bubbles) of our life, our church, our city, our state, our nation, our world, our universe, and all of space beyond… is contained in the sovereign “bubble” of The Creator’s will and purpose.

Maybe, just maybe, we should consult with Him about our bubble.



Mythology and Make-believe

Daily Post:  Imaginary


I know for a fact that truth is stranger than fiction.  All the tall tales about dragons and unicorns combined are not as strange as the continuing saga that is Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election.  People’s imaginations, including Hillary’s, have run wild, dreaming up all the reasons why President Trump won, and the list grows every day.  Two days ago Mark Steyn sat in for Rush Limbaugh and discussed how Hillary now blames the “Content Farmers” for her loss.  I thought He was making this up.  And in fact, he was being sarcastically funny, but the fact is she said it.  She’s blamed the Russians, the FBI director, the DNC, former President Obama, Anti-American “forces”, low-information voters, high-information voters, stupid Republicans, Bernie sanders, incompetent pollsters, rural women, misogynists, suburban women, the New York Times, Fox news, and fake news.  She blames social media, Facebook, Twitter, and yes, “content farms.”  At a tech conference in Silicon Valley on Wednesday this week she said, “The other side was using content that was just flat-out-false, and delivering it in a very personalized way, both sort of above the radar screen and below.”  Read the article, click here.  In the end she basically said if only stupid people had voted for her, she would be in the Oval.  Here’s the thing, I’m not stupid.

Do you know what a content farmer is?  Here is the formal definition in Wikipedia:

In the context of the World Wide Web, a content farm (or content mill) is a company that employs large numbers of freelance writers to generate large amounts of textual content which is specifically designed to satisfy algorithms for maximal retrieval by automated search engines.

I didn’t make this up.  There are real companies, with real people, who do nothing but sit at computers all day long, cranking out large volumes of articles a day, (4,000 a day is not uncommon).  The content of these articles is low quality, written with the specific intent of being discovered by search engines, to improve their rankings and move them to the top in rankings.  Hillary is suggesting that the DNC and Trump campaign used these companies to skew the election in some way.  Now that’s what I call a vivid imagination.

It’s always easier to blame someone else, or something else, for our failures isn’t it.  I find it fascinating that in all of this nonsense, and the huge list of people to blame for her loss, there is not one mention that it could even remotely be her fault.  It is beyond reason or imagination in her mind that she should have lost, so it had to be someone else who caused it.

Is there a lesson here for the common man and woman in the world today?  You betcha.

We all make mistakes, some bigger than others, some on a grand blunderous scale.  When you do, or when I do, let’s simply own it.  Let’s just admit, “my bad”, take our lumps and try not to repeat the blunder.  Imagining all the reasons or people to blame for our blunders doesn’t make it true.  This reasoning makes it mythology or make-believe.

Now for the truly frightening aspect of what happens when we don’t just ‘fess up.  We will someday stand before a Creator-God who will be all too well-informed with all our blunders.  He will have full knowledge of just how wrong we are, and when we try to make excuses, or blame someone or something else for our mess-ups, He will not have any of it.  Imaginary phrases like “the devil made me do it,” will not work with Him either.  Let’s at least be honest and admit what the Bible states all too clearly.

Romans 3:23
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 6:23
For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 10:9-10
If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.

Whatever you do, don’t be like Hillary Clinton, finding no fault in herself, and only blaming everyone else around her for her own failures.  Own it.  We are not perfect people and we fail miserably many times.  Admit to yourself and to God, you aren’t everything God designed the perfect human to be.  There was only one perfect human and we are not Him.  But He came, Jesus came, so we could be in right relationship to the God of the universe and our Creator.

Paul was more than just a low-quality content farmer.  His writings are more than just mythology and make-believe.  The apostle Paul was called to preach and teach and write the very words of God to us today.  Don’t be led astray by the mindless meanderings of those who think themselves God’s gift to the planet.

There is only one Gift – His name is Jesus.




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