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I have always liked the hunt, like a hound following the scent.  Or like a detective working to take in all the facts, then assimilating the strands of information into a whole image, ultimately revealing some hidden or little known truth.  I pursue the English language in search of new expressions or meanings which are secondary rather than primary to the readers first and obvious thought about a word.  Using this method, writing becomes more challenging for me, and for you – the reader, because it demands that we get past the preconceived ideas that our language is one dimensional, or can only mean one thing.

For example, take the word “well.” It can me something “well” done, whether a behavior, or an over-cooked steak.  Well can mean a hole from which water, oil, or gas are obtained.  The hole could be maxed out at which time it becomes a dry well, like that over-cooked steak.  Well can be an expression on its own. “Well, I didn’t see that one coming!”, or just “Well!”  Fun stuff huh?  Context, and usage, are determined by the speaker/writer; but interpretation must come from the hearer/reader.  For those who use English as a second, third, or fourth language the nuances of interpretation are somewhat difficult at times.

Language and communication were designed by God to allow the human creature to interact within our species in meaningful and intelligent ways.  These tools also allow for the human creature to interact with the Creator using language He instituted for this purpose.  God’s Spirit pursued men whose hearts were tuned to His heart, and spoke to them in ways that resulted in a written record of what God wants us to know.  Not just know on a cursory level or having read it once, or listened to it being read just once.  The Bible has been given to us for the purpose of enhancing our relationship with the Creator of the universe.

When we peruse the Bible, flipping here and yon to re-read our favorite verses over and over, perseverating the same knowledge, like singing a song over and over until you sing it in your sleep, we miss the point of the whole.  There is so much more than Romans 8:28, which most people I know use interpretively incorrectly anyway.  There is so much more than Philippians 4:13 and the concept of “doing” things for God.  It’s not about what I can do for Him, it’s about what He wants to do in me that is unimaginable to me without submitting to His Lordship in my life.  Perusing is not the same as pursuing.

Yet, it is a good place to start.  Perusing the Bible for a story you’ve never heard, now that is a good pursuit.  Do you know the etymology of the words of Jesus in John 12:32, or John 3:14?  Hint, it’s an Old Testament story which some may have heard, but never seen the connection.  This is a good pursuit.  God find it, and see what God says to you through your pursuit.

In Daniel 3, there is a great story about Daniel’s friends arrested because they wouldn’t bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s idol in worship.  They get thrown into a furnace of blazing fire, yet come out not even smelling like smoke or fire.  It makes for a great Sunday School lesson, but have you found the New Testament link in this narrative?  Who is that fourth person in Daniel 3:25, and what if any application can I make from this story to my life today?  This is a good pursuit.

One last example.  I know people who read the same book, or watch the same movie, once a year because it is their favorite.  There’s nothing wrong with this, I seem to watch the same Christmas movies over and over because I like them.  But, here’s the thing.  I don’t know anyone who watches the same movie even once a month, much less once a week, or every day of their lives, do you?  I don’t know anyone who, once they’ve read the last page of their favorite novel, puts the book down and reads the same exact book over and over every day.

When we peruse the Bible, reading only those parts that have special meaning for us, we limit God’s ability to teach us all that He desires us to learn.  My challenge to you today is to pursue all that God has in His word for you.  Try just one month of getting outside the box of your favorite Bible verses, and dive deep into the parts you seldom read, to see if God may say something new and exciting to you today!


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Now this is an interesting word. The meaning of the word has taken on a life of its on in so many ways today.  Replace can mean, “to restore to a previous place.” It can also mean, “to take the place of.” So, when someone says, “I replaced the picture frame after it fell off the wall,” what do they really mean? Did they purchase a new frame to replace the old because it broke when it hit the floor?  Or did they simply pick up the undamaged frame and replace it in its original position?  The English language is so rich and yet so confusing at times.

Let’s focus on the second interpretive meaning of replace, “something that replaces another.”  In a fickle culture of instant gratification, we see the act of replacement becoming a life experience for many people.  Just watch as the next innovation in cell phone technology happens, how many people flock to the stores replacing their old phone with one having more exciting gadgets and widgets.  4k television, bluetooth devices, more powerful computers, more mobile devices, are some of the best examples of a replacement culture.  The very idea of leasing your vehicle embodies the concept of replacement theory.

This mindset bleeds over into other dynamics of human life as well. In the harsh reality of truth telling, my own father found a replacement son, and as the “replaced,” I never quite got over the devastation or emotional destruction this caused.  I’m clearly not alone in these emotional valleys of despair, since thousands of young men are being abandoned by dads for a plethora of reasons.  Being replaced in the workplace is one thing, and horribly tragic at times.  But the agony of being replaced in such an intimate way is beyond the pale.  I wonder how many other “replaced” people feel as I do today?  But replacement issues go deeper and further than just technology or human relationships.

Imagine how the Creator must feel, when He is replaced by humanity with the idol worshiping culture of our country.   We live in a time where many people no longer know Him or serve Him, but deny His very existence with every breath they take.  Think I’m making this up?  Consider for a moment all the different kinds of idols people worship today.  There are the obvious ones: money, clothes, cars, houses, and power.  Then again their are the subtle ones, sports superstars, celebrities, politicians, etc.  We’ve actually adopted the mentality as a cultural icon, as millions cast their vote live for the next American Idol.  If you’re like me, its fun to watch these folks compete.  By the end of the show, most of the time, the one who wins the contract and fame is really pretty talented. But an idol?  We’ve substituted these things or these people as objects of our worship, without considering at all how the One we should be worshiping feels about it.

Oversimplifying?  Ok, one more example.  The past two democratic presidents have both said and done many of the same things the current president is saying and doing.  The most recent president was worshiped by many as the answer to the American, and venerated like a saint of “hope.”  The would-be democratic nominee was worshiped in the same way by many, and because she didn’t win, they are on the longest temper tirade I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.  Because their eyes are turned away from God and on the human they worship, their minds have become clouded and deluded by pride and arrogance.  They have not worshiped the God of Creation for so long, they do not know Him.  God has been replaced by an idol.

Replacement: Themselves.