A Foggy State of Mind

Daily Post: Foggy


Yesterday was my golf day.  While the actual course I played yesterday looked nothing like this image. Yesterday it was sunny, and while not hot, it was humid, yet my scorecard might cause a person to wonder if I wasn’t playing on a foggy course like this one.  At one point I looked at my cart buddy and said, “I’m not sure what I was thinking with that shot, but it must not have been about golf.”  That’s how it is sometimes, our minds become muddled or befuddled with so many other thoughts, it’s hard to keep a clearly focused target in view.

Anyone who has had even one golf lesson can tell you, golf seems to be a simple game, but really it isn’t easy.  The list of things that can result in a good/bad golf shot seems endless.  Grip, stance, aim, club selection, swing execution, swing plane, terrain, lie of the ball, pressure to perform, wind speed and direction, target arm, back elbow, spine angle, et al creep into your thoughts like fog.  This game can often be frustrating and satisfying all at the same time.  My cart buddy yesterday said, “Well, Jim, you know why they call it golf right?  All the other four letter words were taken.”  He may be right, I don’t know.

Only the best amateur golfers shoot PAR.  Very few amateur golfers turn in sub-par scores.  Don’t be confused by these terms:  par is great, sub-par is Excellent.  Over-par is not so good, and describes the number of strokes it took you to complete your round as compared to Par (normal strokes to complete by the designer of the golf course.)  Please don’t ask me how many over-par I was yesterday.  I was playing in the foggy 6 inches between my ears.

Perhaps the reason I like the game of golf so much, is how I see it as a wonderful metaphor for life.  Some days for me, life is simple, without cares or concerns, just living this 24 hour period with no other motivation except to be who I am, and honor the Creator who gave me this life.  Other days are complicated, taxing, and full of emotional stress, while attempting to take care of details that really are important, and necessary.  The status of my mind (whether foggy or clear) usually becomes the determining factor as to how well I handle those days.  In golf, there are good days and bad days, so to stay focused you have to be able to handle both.

One of the ways golf is like life is disconcerting for me.  Yesterday I experienced it again, and it bothered me so much that I’m pretty sure it happened for a reason.  I’ve been playing golf for the better part of 50 years.  It doesn’t make me a great golfer, it makes me a student of the game, always trying to improve my score.  I have a great deal of head knowledge that hasn’t quite made its way yet from theory into the actual execution of the golf swing.  That said, when other players try to fix something in my swing (unsolicited), I don’t respond well in my head, and it often adds just another layer of frustration to an otherwise foggy and over-crowded thought process.

Yesterday’s experience caused me to wonder if there are times on this blog, when I don’t come off as sounding like the golfer who was trying to fix my swing.  I didn’t ask him to look at me and analyze my swing.  He’s not a professional golf instructor, nor did he shoot par for his round of golf.  The truth is I’m a pretty teachable man, and I usually receive instruction well.  But that air of haughtiness when he said, “Just give me 10 minutes after the round today, and I’ll fix this for you,” was just a little more than I needed at the time.

I post almost every day on this website, because I want to be helpful to people, by offering hope, comfort, or some answers for my life I have found in the Bible.  I don’t want to be intrusive, and I readily admit I don’t have a detailed solution for every single problem in life.  However, a foggy state of mind, whether in golf or the spiritual realm, can often have negative results.  So I try to write in such a way that a person can see the Creator.  My desire is that each reader would be inspired to seek God in new ways, or read more of the Bible on their own, allowing God’s Holy Spirit to be their teacher.

My prayer for you today is that as you read these words, God’s Spirit will help clear your mind of whatever fog is distracting you from seeing Jesus clearly today.  My purpose remains, to experience God’s grace renewed in me again today, and to extend His glory to the ends of the earth.  I pray this is your purpose too.



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