Does privacy really even exist anymore?  In a world where technology invades every aspect of our lives, one has to wonder.  What was easily once hidden, is becoming increasingly impossible, due to several issues.


Hackers, the dark net, big brother, social media, fake media, all represent real-time challenges which we couldn’t even comprehend 20 years ago.  These might have been corporate issues, or government issues, but private life issues, no way.  Anyone can lose their identity or their privacy in a heartbeat today.  Those who like ostriches sticking their heads in the sand, ignoring the reality of personal threats, are the most vulnerable.  Facebook is one of the best examples.  There is a certain amount of security available to the average user, that is completely lost on a large majority of its users, or just ignored altogether.  Simply taking the time to protect the data on this social media stream, might go a long way to protecting your privacy vulnerability in other areas.

In addition, unfortunately, our “open-book” culture, brought about by the media’s constant mantra, “the public has a right to know,” has also bred into people’s mind they have a right to know everything about everyone.  So, for example, if someone wants to know my private thoughts, or demands information about the details of my life, if I don’t offer it up freely then I “must” be hiding something evil, right?  What if I just don’t want to share every intimate detail of my life?  Don’t I have a right to my privacy?

Again, according to some, that depends on who you are.  We’ve been convinced that we should know every private detail of a public servants life, after all that person is serving at my elected vote.  Does that mean we should be privy to every detail of the life of our newly elected President? His 10 year old son? His wife? His other children? Their children?  This idea of transparency has now shifted to not just public servants, but to the populace in general.

Privacy issues are getting complicated.  Between technological issues, and transparency issues, I’m not even sure it even exists anymore.


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