More often than not this word is used in the business world today describing a radical change in industry, or an innovative business strategy to change previous models, etc. It could involve the introduction of a new technology, or product line, or service creating a whole new market.  Think: Henry Ford and the horseless carriage.

I read an article today by David Brooks, a columnist for The New York Times, titled: “We’ve crowned a fool the king of carnival culture.” It was a compelling article for sure, and worthy of someone’s attention.  Crossing the wide span of history, from King David in the Old Testament, through the carnival culture of the middle ages, Brook’s article captures the thought of “disruption.” Of course he leads us, like horses to water, and lays the foundation for his thoughts on President-elect Donald Trump.  Brooks writes, “His tweets are classic fool behavior, raw, ridiculous and often self-destructive. He takes on a cultural icon and he throws mud at it. The point is not the message. It’s to symbolically upend hierarchy, to be oppositional.”

History indeed repeats itself.  The democrats thought Abraham Lincoln a fool too.  The Jews thought Jesus a fool.  The ancient Hebrews thought Moses a fool.  Am I suggesting that Donald Trump is equal to Lincoln, Moses, or Jesus?  Not really.  I’m just playing the fool to get someone to quit thinking linearly, and start thinking dynamically at the “what if’s.”

What if emptying the pond of elite politicians, and the rhetoric of celebrities and pundits, leads America finally to regain a foothold, and stand up for truth?  What if one man, who recognizes he is just a man, like Lincoln did, like Moses did, being disruptive and tweeting, can indeed spur us on to greatness?  Do we allow a future former-President to have a louder, more influential voice, causing greater division in our country?  How can we stop this madness?  How is what is going on in our country today any less dangerous and radical than the idea of ending slavery?

These are questions I wrestle with. I wonder if you do too?  Disruption is seldom invited, since it is seen by the protectors of the status quo as evil incarnate.  Today, many wise men whose lives are directly tied to the slave population of our early history, know the truth.  It was Lincoln and his followers, along with Dr. King and his followers, who were disruptive enough to make a real difference in this country.  The proof of Trump’s presidency will be seen in the future.  Have we crowned the fool the king of the carnival?  We’ll see.

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