It won’t be long now.  When my momma used to say, “one day at a time,” it didn’t really register with me.  Recently though, this once trite phrase has resounded like the watchtower bell for me.  24 hours in a day, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds, the shorter the time quantification, the greater the number.  Reality dictates that regardless of what unit of measurement I choose to quantify a “day,” I can neither add to or take away from these measurements.  They are fixed in our time-space continuum, and my life is governed by the limitations imposed.  Not only can I not add “time,” I am powerless to speed it up or slow it down.  Time marches on, one day at a time.  Profound, huh?

Not really.  I only occasionally wax poetic/philosophical when trying to make a point of where our focus should be.  We think forward or backward so much that we miss now.  Here is the really cool thing I’ve discovered about knowing the Creator.  God’s time paradigm is always “now.”  Think of how God introduced Himself to Moses, “I Am.”  In this name we discover not just God’s name, but a primary attribute of His nature and character.  God declares that He is eternal, with no time or space constraints.  From God’s perspective on His throne, all of my time on this earth is always “now” to Him.  God does not age as I age, His divine nature knows nothing of age as I know it.  Every moment I live, every breath I take, God is now.

Jesus made the claim, “the Father and I are one.”  Inherent in this statement, by reason and deduction, we understand Jesus to mean that while here on earth He may have been limited physically by human constraints as we are.  Yet, in context of His message, Jesus is eternally “now,” just as God the Father is.  Jesus told His disciples that when He left to go back to heaven, He would send a Helper, the Holy Spirit, who would abide inside every believer.  The Holy Spirit has the same divine attribute of “now” that Jesus the Son and God the Father enjoy.  Limitless, timeless and ever-present are just three of the eternal characteristics of God.

One day at a time takes on a whole new level of understanding when I know the nature and character of God is “now.”  Regardless of what comes my way in the next ten minutes, when I arrive there, God is now.  When Jesus says, “I am coming quickly,” and I haven’t arrived at the place where I see Him yet, His perspective is as though He is already here.  Because His perspective is now.

Regardless of how many earth years, months, days, hours, minutes or seconds, it won’t be long.  It won’t be long.  God is now.  Jesus is now.  The Holy Spirit is now.  Live now, one day at a time.

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