Lord of the Manor, King of the Ages



There was an excellent British Comedy which aired on BBC1 from 1979-1981, which I thought was a hoot-n-a-holler.  Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles were paired well, she the sad widow who has to leave Grantleigh Manor where her family has lived forever, and he the new owner of the estate.  Of course they end up falling for each other, but the dialogue, and antics along the way are hysterical, and worth a watch.  It’s called, “To the Manor Born.”

The “lord of the manor” is a title originating out of the feudalism of the Medieval Middle Ages.  Established in England by the Normans after the Battle of Hastings.  All the land of England was claimed by William the Conqueror, to be distributed among the Normans as reward for fighting in the battle.  These estates of land, a fief, were known as Manors.  The lord of the manor owed allegiance to the King, as well as his immediate superior.

Today in America we don’t use the term Lords and Ladies, as they do still in England.  Unless of course it is tongue in cheek.  I may in fact be lord of the manor in my home, but I owe allegiance to the King of the Ages for blessing me in this way.  There are in fact three attributes of God’s nature and character, which define Him as Sovereign Lord.  These attributes are:  control, authority, and covenant presence.  At the bottom of this article I will provide a link which gives a brief Biblical introduction to “Lordship Salvation,” the first lesson in a series of Bible studies I’m putting together.

So, here’s the thing.  Today Satan thinks he’s lord of the manor.  He thinks he has power and control over the earth.  He thinks he has the authority to ruin our lives and rob our joy.  He wants us to think he is like God and present all the time.  However, none of these thoughts of his are true.  While Scripture may call him “the god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4), this only means he has limited power, and for a limited timespan.  While Satan may think he can accuse us in front of God at will, or do anything to us to destroy our lives, Satan can only act or do as allowed by God, his authority is limited.  And while this destroyer wants us to believe he is ever present with us, the fact is he can’t be.  If he is in China, he can’t be in Texas with me.  If he is in Washington (where I think he spends most of his time these days), then he can’t be in Israel, Iraq, or Iran.  Satan is not omnipresent, he must send his own emissaries (fallen angels who follow him), to do his bidding.

The reality of this story is that it has a finite end.  The end of human history, the capture and incarceration of Satan and his followers, and the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth are all described in the last Book of the Bible – Revelation.  From Genesis to Revelation, Jesus is pictured, prophesied, and portrayed to be Lord of the Manor (earth) and King of the Ages.  No entity, human or supernatural, will usurp this Lordship.

To read more in a bible study format click: First lesson.


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