Percussive: A Rap on the Door


Does nobody knock on the door anymore? has become one of my favorite shopping stores, because I can avoid the crowds.  However, what I’ve discovered is that even UPS and FedEx delivery people seldom ring the doorbell, or simply knock on the door anymore.  What’s up with that?

Or… is it possible I’ve become so inoculated or desensitized to these sounds that I attribute my own failing as theirs?  I’m trying very hard as I write this to think back to Tuesday last week when we received a package by UPS and evaluate:  Did they ring or knock, or did I just not “hear” it, because I wasn’t in a “hearing” mode?

What if…

What if God is pounding on the door of your heart and mind, and in our 21st-century mindset we are simply not listening anymore?  We’ve seemingly developed the innate capability of “filtering” what we hear and don’t hear today.  You know people like this don’t you?  They can be sitting two feet away, and so involved with their “mobile device” that once it registers that you’ve spoken, they may or may not look up and respond, “huh?”

What if…

What if God is sending out signals that are clear and percussive like the rapping of knuckles on solid wood, resonating with grace, love, forgiveness, and compassion, but we fail to receive these signals or messages, because we can’t seem to tune in anymore?

What if …

What if God decided He would just filter us out, like we’ve filtered Him out?  Then what happens to verses like… Matthew 7:7… Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you?

What if we knock on heaven’s door, and God doesn’t even look up, but murmurs in our direction, “huh?”

You don’t really want God to do this, any more than you want your children or spouse to do this to you, right?

So, then, why do we do it?

Why do we miss out on the most significant aspects of a relationship with God?  When God knocks on your heart’s door, your mind’s door, it is a percussive reminder that you need Him more than you think you do.

Today, why not put down the mobile device, and pick up the actual written word of God, and spend some time with Jesus?