Trump is not Jesus…

That’s right.  I said it.

I’ll go further still, the visible celebration among the Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives gives visual authentication to their verbal assignations that they are blind, deaf, and dumb.  Putting a “face” on it, putting a “name” on it, the mask of hypocrisy and the name of injustice, is Nancy Pelosi.  And no, Trump isn’t Jesus, but what happened on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 could be viewed much like the drama that took place when an innocent man was nailed to a Roman cross. Yet, it was all on the allegations and nonsense of a 1st-century group of leaders who were also blind, deaf, and dumb.

The Pharisees didn’t want to hear the truth.  They had already made up their own “truth” with literally thousands of extra interpretations of the Laws God had already given them.  These “lawyers” were jealous of Jesus because He challenged their authority; because He intentionally disobeyed their man-made interpretations of God’s Law; but worse, because the common people loved Him.  Does that sound like anyone else you know?  Perhaps the one person who cares about the common man and woman in this country more than anyone else right now, is Donald J. Trump.

I’m not debating whether Trump is a true Christ-follower or not.  I know, because I’ve listened to him for the past three years. I’ve read much of his twitter feed.  Because I’ve done this, I can without equivocation say: President Trump is a mortal man, neither A god, nor The God.  In my view, He is a name-calling, intimidating, seemingly prideful and arrogant business man, with little regard for how he might make those who challenge him feel. In these ways, he is not at all like Jesus.  In these ways, he is just the opposite of Jesus.

That said, only a few people I know think he’s done anything that even resembles abuse of power or obstruction of Congress.  But that doesn’t matter.  What’s at stake here is whether the common people of the United States are going to allow an election to be overturned, just because a group of people who call themselves the nation’s leaders don’t “like” that duly elected President.  In fact, they don’t just “not like” him, they hate his guts with such passion and fervor, that given the opportunity, I honestly believe they would kill him… if they could get away with it.

Clearer minds must have prevailed, at least in the sense of eliminating him by taking his life.  But how is what they are doing now, not the equivalent of silencing him, destroying his reputation, and denying him the same honor and esteem due the office of the President when one of their own sits in that chair?

Look, I’m just one of the commoners.  I know my voice won’t change, alter, or even influence the events about to take place in the Senate as this impeachment trial gets underway.  I suppose by writing this blog post, I can at least vent a little, but that is not my primary motive for writing.  I’m sad, I’m mad, I’m hurt, but mostly I’m motivated to have whatever voice I can have.  What the political left is doing is wrong.  And when I say “political left” I’m not just talking about elected officials.

The television/radio media, social media, political pundits, and politicians who began this process within months of President Trump’s election, are all responsible for the destructive course this nation is traveling.  I’m concerned about future generations of Americans who will live with the consequences of next weeks actions.  We can’t go back and change all the rhetoric, no matter how badly we might want to.  Yesterday is gone forever.  The house passed their articles of impeachment, and that is over, in the past, it is history.

But the future remains uncertain.  We don’t see it yet.  We haven’t lived it yet.  And there is still time to do the right thing.  Love him or hate him, President Trump is not our enemy.  He is not the enemy of America in general, or you in particular.  President Trump cares about you and your family.  He wants you to have a job, to be free, and to provide for your families needs, without breaking your back or your will to do it.  Those who have passed articles designed to impeach him, then extricate him from office, want exactly the opposite for you.  They want to control what you think.  They want to control what you spend your money on.  They want to tax you so they can provide healthcare and rights and privileges to those who actually are enemies to our country.

I only know ONE way to effect change in this nation.  Pray.

I’m asking anyone who does read this blog post to pray.  Pray in your church, pray in your car, pray in your closet, wherever you are most comfortable pouring your heart out to God, just pray.  Please.


In the book of James it says:

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)


4 thoughts on “Trump is not Jesus…”

  1. Well saiid, I, too, am repulsed by what our leaders have done in the house. Jim. I join with you in prayer for our nation.


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