God Only Knows

How long will it take to get over this pain?  God only knows.
When will people stop hating each other and live in love? God only knows.
Why are people so cruel?  God only knows.
Is there an answer that will bring true peace and hope to our world?

God only knows.

This is an idiom used by many people to answer questions posed, for which no one really knows the answer.  But don’t be mistaken that it is only used by people of faith who believe there IS a God… who knows.  Much like many people use the name of Jesus, Christ, or God today as expletives in their speech to make a point, so also many people profanely but unwittingly use this phrase, “God only knows” to answer inane questions they can’t answer themselves.

A simple read through the article by Terri Black titled, “The 50 Most Brilliant Atheists of All Time,”(link) will expose how each person listed, from Democritus to Mark Zuckerbeg, who self-identifies as an atheist, lives out their belief, there is no God.  These so-called brilliant minds have been deluded by the god of this world (see 2 Corinthians 4:4) to promote themselves or their satan-inspired agendas far and wide.  We don’t want to hear it, but FaceBook is a platform for this atheistic purpose today.  Has it changed in its original intent and purpose by the Harvard graduate now turned billionaire? God only knows.  And God says “yes.”

Atheist don’t believe in the theological terminology defining God, because they don’t believe in God.  For example, the Scripture teaches that the LORD GOD is omniscient.  This is just a fancy term meaning, God is all-knowing.  But wrapped up in this simple explanation of the theological term is a mind-blowing truth… if it is true.  Omniscience carries with it the idea that God doesn’t just know the actual events that happen, in the past, present or future.  Omniscience also means that God knows the “possible” of what could happen, could have happened, or what would be happening right now, if different choices were made in the past that changed the history of our world, or will be made next week which could change our future.  Is it possible that one Designer/Creator could have this kind of knowledge?  God only knows.  And God says, “yes.”

Atheist also don’t believe the Scriptural theological teaching regarding God as omnipotent.  Again, omnipotent just means, God is all-powerful.  And yes, again, wrapped up in this simple explanation is another mind-blowing truth… if it is true.  Omnipotence means that while God has the knowledge of not just the actual but also all of the possible, God alone has the power/authority to take each choice made by a human individual and still work that choice into His plan for all of mankind.  Just one example will suffice, since there are literally thousands of stories in the Bible which prove this point.   God knew that at exactly the right time in history that Caesar Augustus would demand to know how many subjects were in his empire, so he ordered a head-count of the whole inhabited earth. And it was these circumstances which resulted in Mary and Joseph arriving in Bethlehem when it was time for the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, to be born as a human being.  God knew the “possible”, before it became the “actual” choice of Caesar Augustus to make this happen.  In this way, God fulfilled an ancient promise He had made to the people of Israel, that their Savior would be born in Bethlehem. [Luke 2:1-6, Micah 5:2]

So here’s the thing…

If it’s true… God is Omniscient and Omnipotent…  then He is IN FACT the only one who knows what you’ve been through… where you hurt, the source of your pain, what makes you so frustrated, or the agony that pierces your heart right now as you read these words.

Now let me give you another simple truth found in Scripture…

NO ONE could love you more….

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