Introduction to Acts of the Apostles

Welcome bible study participants!  Last night we had a wonderful time taking care of introductory thoughts about how to interpret scripture; as well as examining the author, date, and purpose of the book of Acts.  We looked briefly at the first two verses of Acts chapter 1.  All this is covered in the following recording of the lesson.  You can listen to this teaching by simply pressing the “play” button on the link below. (Depending on your connection speed it may take a moment or two to load).  Also if you would like to take notes, there is a handout for the outline of the lesson simply click the link and print one out on your own printer.  At the end of the lesson we gave out a takeaway handout and you can print this as well.

Thanks for listening.

Dr. Jim Wilkins

acts 1_1-2 introduction outline

acts 1_1-2 introduction outlineacts 1_1-2 takeaway handout

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