What is your lodestone?

Daily Post:  Magnet


My absence, or lack of posting, for the last couple of days may have gone largely un-noticed by the world.  But for those who are interested, I’m in New Mexico on vacation.  We’ve gone to cooler temperatures for a few days of R & R.  Part of the plan is to play golf later today, and I wonder if the altitude will help my distance.  I can always hope.  As my good friend Jay likes to say, “I wonder what swing I woke up with today?” And I’m wondering this about myself, right about now.

Golf is my lodestone.  That rock that naturally has magnetic qualities, attracting other ferrous materials to itself, is a lodestone.  I truly love getting outside, enjoying nature, and doing my best to improve my game.  When playing golf, hazards of any kind… water, sand, rivers or lakes, trees, and 3-foot rough… all seem to be natural lodestones for my golf ball.  Today my goal is to not lose any balls.

I’m naturally attracted to golf like a magnet.  I’ve played on really bad courses, and on high quality courses.  It’s in my blood you might say.  I remember as a 8 or 10 year old kid following my dad and my uncles around the golf course with a little cut-off 7 iron.  When my uncles would come to visit they wanted to get their money’s worth, so they would often play 36 holes a day, 3 days straight, and I usually walked all of it with them.  We lived in West Texas where out in the prairie some of the oil field workers would use road graders to clear the brush, then pile a load of sand mixed with oil in a heap on both ends of a 200-300 yard “hole”.  They would take a large roller and roll the sand smooth creating a “putting green” for the hole.  

My favorite golf quote is from my uncle Wylie who reminded us often, “Remember, golf is just flog spelled backward.”

I’m hoping I don’t get another flogging today.  I will choose however, like the apostle Paul, to be “content, in whatever state I am.”

Today I’m in New Mexico, and I get to play golf.


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