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Those who read my blog know that I often use golf metaphors as enlightening images to make my point.  The amateur golfer, not unlike the fish out of water above, faces the daunting challenge of not settling for the status quo. To improve as a golfer requires self-examination of his or her own skills; as well as emotional strength to handle all the nuances of bad shots, bad bounces, and weather conditions that naturally come with the game.  Change comes easily for some, but is substantial work for others.  To improve means to change what doesn’t work, into what does.  Many times this comes through instruction from a professional golf instructor, however, knowledge is only half the battle.  Application of the instruction through dedicated practice on the driving range is the evidence of the golfer’s commitment to improve.

What if this fish fails to leap far enough, landing on the table top instead of the larger bowl?  What if it commits, but dies only moments later, surrounded by air instead of water?  Some might say this is the perfect argument for not making the leap of faith.  What if the golfer has all the knowledge, and perfect understanding of what is entailed to make a perfect golf swing… but never takes the necessary steps to execute that shot?  Wholehearted commitment is foundation-ally not being afraid to fail.

The Bible is practically filled with stories of men and women who were challenged to commit to something they could not see, touch, or feel, in order to do the will of God according to God’s commands.  For a great understanding of this principle, read all of Hebrews chapter 11, to see what theologians today call “the roll-call of the faithful.”

Hebrews 11:1-2
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For by it the men of old gained approval.

Clearly the author of Hebrews was just hitting the high-lights of the Old Testament, for there are hundreds of examples which could be added to this list.  In addition, since the end of 1st century, when the Bible was completed, there have been thousands upon thousands of individuals who lived by this passage, gaining the same approval of God as the “men of old.”  The only requirement for this feat remains:  wholehearted commitment.

How is it possible to conquer the “what if” fears that keep us from becoming a better version of ourselves, the ones God designed us to be?  Believing in the transforming power of Jesus Christ to save us, then stepping across the line of faith into His redemptive grace, is all that is required.  Translation:  wholehearted commitment to God’s version of reality, instead of relying on our pre-conditioned responses of what is real, makes the impossible = possible.

I would rather be this flying fish, risking it all for the promise of God, than to swim in the small bowl of “nothing ever changes.”  I would rather be the all-my-life student of the game of golf, than just be satisfied with a 14 handicap.  I would rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today. I’m all-in; 100%.

My advice to you?

Commit.  Wholeheartedly.

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