Voices adrift in the silent sea…

Daily Post:  Adrift


It is easy to become disoriented, and discombobulated in the cacophony of voices clambering for your attention.  Each voice wants a part of your soul, and will stop at nothing to get into your mind.  Some voices are subtle, almost indiscernible, not unlike hearing a TV broadcasting in another room, or a conversation going on in another part of the house.  You know they are talking, but you can’t quite make out the words.  Other voices are loud and imposing, adamant that they become the voice you listen to.  I promise, I’m not crazy, nor suffering from any sort of medically treatable mental disease. In fact, I think I might worry about you if you don’t hear the voices.

The liberal media is a voice.  The political conservative is a voice.  You’re teenage son or daughter is a voice.  The spouse you have or have had is a voice.  The parental units of your childhood are a voice.  The guy in the car behind you honking like a maniac for you to get out of his way, is a voice.  The siren that wails disturbing your morning reverie is a voice.  That mocking bird outside your window is a voice.  The book you read is a voice.  The movie you watch is a voice.  The music you listen to is a voice…. see where I’m going with this?

A quite challenging exercise might be for you to find a place today where you can sit and not hear anything, no sound at all, except the beat of your own heart as blood courses through your body.  The interesting thing is, as I write this article, sitting at my desk it’s relatively quiet in my house.  Yet, I hear the clock ticking on the mantle, the rustle of someone reading the newspaper, the clickity-clack of my own fingers dancing on the keyboard of my computer, and the whishing swishing sound of the traffic on the street just a couple hundred feet from my window.  In a real sense each of these is a voice.  What are they saying?

Time marches on.  There’s nothing new under the sun. Some people will think this article is pure nonsense.  I’m late for work.  Which voice goes with the descriptions above?

In a world with so many voices to distract us, each warring for our attention, how difficult it is indeed to hear the voice of the Master.  Like a dinghy adrift at sea, we shift our attention and focus with the tides of the voices.  Awakening minutes or hours later, only to discover, we’ve gone nowhere, done nothing, and given away the most valuable gift ever given – time.  Life is more than just being adrift in a silent sea of voices.

Jesus said: [John 10:27]
My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

Which voice are you following?


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