Plunging into greatness…



The single greatest thing I could ever accomplish in my life would be to emulate and embody the words of John the Baptist:

John 3:30
He must increase, but I must decrease

What’s interesting to me is the capacity of the human mind to be so self-consumed.  Most of life as we’ve known it in the grand ole USA, is contained in the ideas of greatness, first, and most.

In order to demonstrate true greatness, a person has to be willing to state the single simple truth of all our lives:  “It’s not all about me.”  Try that one on the next time their is relationship conflict, or pain which encroaches on your happiness or success.

That is another interesting word:  “success.”  The world around us measures and quantifies this idea by measuring the rise of a person’s stature, not the plunge as they descend down the corporate ladder.  Of that person one might remark, “I wonder what happened, he had such a bright future here.”

Ascending to the peaks of personal achievement, wealth, social status, and power, are often destructive forces, in that once having gained these heights, often one has to compromise in some way to maintain this level of greatness.  This happens because someone else is always eyeing the spot one which the great one stands, and wants to occupy that space by removing the one implanted there.

Satan, a being created higher than humans, wanted to sit on God’s throne, and be God, himself.  Contrast this with the lower created human, John the Baptist, when confronted by the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.  John’s reaction is clear, in the implication: my time in the limelight is finished.  John suggests that now instead of listening to the prophet, it’s time for us to hear from God Himself, and heed His words.  In this simple statement, John descended into greatness.

When we commit to the premise of exalting Jesus as Lord, it means less: drama, selfishness, complaining, bitterness, gossip, pride, and anger.  It means less me, more Him.

Much like other things in life, this is a simple choice.  I said simple, not easy.  More importantly, it is not a choice that is made “once and done.”  It is a lifestyle choice.  Which makes it even harder.  For one single hour, of one single day, the hardest choice you will ever make is: Less me, More Him.  When that hour is done, you have to choose again.  Can I go another hour?  Or even one more minute?

Minute by minute, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year… the choice must be made constantly… Less me, More Him.

This is the only, and true definition of descending into greatness.

Less me, More Him.


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3 thoughts on “Plunging into greatness…”

  1. Less me, more Him. Nice verse hand picked by you. Substantiation and emphasis is clear and crisp, nice and simple, depicting the His words in the most simplistic way. Love the style you convey your feelings. Have hope, write on!


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