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Daily Post: Better

better than you imagined

This is quite a quaint little saying isn’t it?  The retrospective view is often much clearer than the clarity of the now, or the dark mirror which is the future.  We’re told to examine our failures and discover our weaknesses so that in the future we can harness that knowledge and succeed where failure once reigned supreme.  People who put phrases like these, on pictures like these, are really just trying to help… because they are the proverbial “glass-is-half-full” characters God, created to keep the rest of us “downers” in line.

Here is another image that got my goat this morning:

better than you

Who’s the moron who gets up in the morning and goes to a conference and puts “Better than YOU!” on his/her name tag?  You don’t know me.  You don’t know anything about me.  And the fact that your arrogance is showing, like the endearing pictures of the crazy people who hang out at Walmart all hours of the night in revealing clothing, is just wrong.  Take it down a notch already.  When did it become a competition?  When did I have to measure up to your standards?  Who declared you “judge of the world” that you could even compare yourself to me?  Of course you’re better if the standard in your mind is you, but it isn’t for me.  Get over it already.

I could hardly get my head around this one:

def of love

Seriously, what does this even mean.  [pause]… I’m a right brained creature who gets the whole concept of creative passion fueled by the vivid imaginations of love, yearning, and peace.  But really, “continual interrogation?”  Sounds as if someone’s being held captive in an undisclosed “black ops” site, and won’t survive unless they surrender to love.  There’s no logic here.  There’s no construct of reality here.

Therefore, what we see in these images: … the very idea of “better” … is subjective regarding most things in this ole world today.  Since the subjectivity lies in the heart, mind, and eye of the person observing, experiencing, or “interrogating”(?), “better” is a constructive concept of measuring or quantifying how an individual feels about the thing itself.  Did you know it doesn’t have to be this way?

There is a book in the Bible called Hebrews.  It was written to a Jewish congregation of Christians who were struggling with the concept of abandoning their Jewish traditions and practices, and adopting new practices of worship through Christ.  The author of Hebrews is unknown to us, in spite of what well-meaning theologians today might dogmatically say.  However, there is a recurring theme throughout the whole text of the Book.  It is a clear definition and understanding of “better.”  I could verbally go through all the scripture references for you here, but one chart from Charles Swindoll will do “better.”


Want a clear definition of “better?”

Look to Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior, Creator, Redeemer, Deliverer, Sustainer … of all that is.


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