Go with the flow?


Saw this on FaceBook today and it made me think.  Social media right?  Between the tweets, the Instagram’s, Tumblr’s, Linkedin’s, YouTube’s, and all the Pinterest’s posts, the information flow is a little daunting. How does a sexagenarian keep up these days?  It has nothing to do with not knowing how, I’m just not motivated to stay that in tune with all the stuff.  But it also has to do with not wanting to repeat myself on so many different platforms.  Hence the blog.  This is me not only not being dead, but also going against the flow, so to speak.

I’m a firm believer that if you think you have something to say, stand up and say it. Freedom of speech is ingrained in our thought process as Americans, and protected (but not absolutely) by the First Amendment of our great Constitution.  That said, it’s becoming increasingly difficult today to be supportive of the process.  Especially  when there are those who say they also believe this freedom is inherent to all citizens, yet are intolerant of what I have to say.  When I disagree with them on some specific or general topic, then suddenly I’ve become evil.  Some would rather intimidate me, or silence me, than consider this same Constitution protects my right to speak as well.

So, I’m back to the picture above.  Only dead fish go with the flow.  Today I choose not to be a dead fish.  I’m using the specific venue I’ve chosen, this blog, to share my thoughts and views, and in the process go against the flow.  My message: stand up and have a voice. My secondary message: be American, and protect other’s right to have this same voice.  Don’t be like the haters and judgers who dogmatically think they have all the answers, the only answers.  Be larger than that.  Think for yourself and say something meaningful.  Quit trying to tear down everyone who disagrees with you, just because they disagree.  Even if you hate what they say, have the courage to say, “It’s ok that we disagree.”

My last message for today:  I don’t have all the answers.  In my short time on earth, I’ve discovered I never will either.  For me, it’s important to keep learning, keep reading, continually searching for truth, and trusting that I can make a difference.  But only, if I quit acting like a dead fish.




2 thoughts on “Go with the flow?”

  1. Dr. Wilkins,

    I like most of your posts and certainly this one. First, I’d like to tackle the misnomer of “sexagenarian”. I always thought that when I reach my 60ies, I’d get sex-ually supercharged but… to the contrary. The term should be spelled sixagenarian.

    Free speech is a mouthful (pun intended). The problem with free speech is that certain people express their thoughts, whether they are provocative, controversial, argumentative or not, but certain speakers tend to impose their ideologies upon others. If ideas were only expressed in a civilized manner, then, there shouldn’t be confrontations. Conversely, even if one expresses his/her thoughts who seem to be against some listeners convictions, listeners would get agitated, believing you “suddenly becoming evil”, and respond aggressively which will undoubtedly elevate normal discussions to verbal brawls.

    Before expressing one’s opinion, it is important to know who is listening and there is a lot to be said about this following quote (allegedly said by Abraham Lincoln): Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.

    Like you, I am guilty to express my thoughts to the limit of the caliber of my audience but I have a great ability to find humor in delivering my controversial statements to soften the mood and if I don’t know a new audience, I will dare finding out how much they can take.

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  2. Odetojoy,
    Thank you for following my blog. Your thoughts and freedom of expression are delightful and appreciated. While I’m not to the world of computing, I’ve just never got the hang of laying myself bare on social media. This just seemed to me a better vehicle for communicating my thoughts.
    I’d read the Lincoln quote, and agree that these are great words to guide those who speak publicly (whether professionally, or not).
    Thanks again for following, reading, and sharing.

    Can you share your link with me if you blog too?


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